Kalender der Feste und Veranstaltungen 2012

5. Januar - Reiterumzug der Heiligen Drei Könige


22. Januar - San Antón

San Anton

The festival of San Antón preserves the annual tradition of blessing the animals on the feast day of Saint Anton Abad, an ancient ceremony which has been repeated year after year in the city to great local acclaim.

The González Hontoria Park provides the venue where thousands of people congregate each year at the end of January bringing with them pets of all description, even on horseback, in order to receive the blessing, or coming just to witness and enjoy the event. But the festival goes beyond this to become a day given over to the entertainment of both old and young alike, especially the latter as a wide variety of activities and amusements are organised within the park.

In short: long hours of fun, and yet at the same time an event which is an expression of the deep-rooted traditions which link Jerez to the animal world and hence to the world of Nature itself.

Von 16. bis 19. Februar - Pasarela Flamenca

Pasarela Flamenca
Von 16. bis 19. Februar - Karneval

Jerez is able to enjoy the carnival thanks to the collaboration of the Town Council and the Pro-Carnival Coordinator. The selection of the Carnival Damsels, the Carnival Speech which proclaims the start of the celebrations, and the Carnival Parade are but a few of the events which take place during these festivities in which the local “chirigota” singers have a major role to play.

Von 24. Februar bis 10. März - XVI Festival de Jerez
XIII Festival de Jerez

The Festival of Jerez offers both a varied and accurate sample of what is perhaps the most genuine artistic expression of the city: Flamenco, in what is now a unique reference amongst the events of this type which take place all over the world.

This is a festival which favours congregation and interchange, opting for the creative evolution of flamenco, the development of its expressive forms and the innovation of its language.

Von 1. bis 8. April - Osterwoche



The Semana Santa, or Holy Week in Jerez, declared to be of National Tourist Interest, dates back over hundreds of years and is of great traditional significance here in the city. A total of thirty-four Brotherhoods walk out in procession through the streets of the old town of Jerez from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday in a spectacular demonstration of popular art and religious fervour which mobilises the whole city. The richness of the religious figures carried through the streets upon magnificent pasos decorated with delicate silverwork and embroidery, together with the deep felt popular connotations of the festival itself, perfectly illustrated by the spontaneous singing of the traditional saetas issuing from the secluded corners of the historic centre of Jerez, offering the spectator a unique vision of Semana Santa in Andalucia. The spectacle takes on additional value here in Jerez, proffering the chance to savour the beauty of the historic centre of the city at a season of the year, Spring, when the aroma of orange blossom emanates from the orange trees, permeating every corner of Jerez. Strolling around the narrow streets and picturesque squares whilst contemplating the spectacular processions presents the perfect opportunity to enter some of the most typical bars in the city and taste the delights of local gastronomy accompanied by a local sherry wine. This combination of sensations is unique to Semana Santa in Jerez which will surely fail to leave the visitor indifferent if they wish to immerse themselves in the festivity and its multiple forms of popular expression.

Von 22. bis 29. April - Motorrad-Weltcup - Gran Premio de España

Moto GP

Every year during the month of May Jerez becomes the focus of world attention thanks to a high-profile sporting event: the World Motorcycle Championship Grand Prix. The Jerez circuit is the venue for the first event on the world MotoGP racing calendar, one the most important in the motorcycle sporting world.

Von 7. bis 13. Mai - Feria del Caballo, das Fest der Pferde


Vom 7. bis 13. Mai feiert jerez die Feria del Caballo-das Fest der Pferde, welches zum Kulturgut von internationaler touristischer Bedeutung erklärt wurde.

Der Park Gonzalez Hontoria bildet den unvergleichlichen Rahmen, in dem die Feria del Caballo veranstaltet wird und auf dem sich mehr als 200 sogenannte casetas- kleine,liebevoll dekorierte Festzelte- befinden, in denen alle Jerezaner und Besucher herzlich willkommen sind. Der spektakuläre Paseo de Caballos- die breite Flaniermeile- bietet täglich eine bunte Augenweide an prächtig geschmückten Pferden der berühmten Andalusischen Rasse, die mit traditionell gekleideten Reitern und Reiterinnen oder vor antiken,herrschaftlichen Kutschen zu Hunderten die ganze Woche über durch die Sandstrassen und – gassen dieser künstlichen und temporären Stadt flanieren.

Während der Feria del Caballo findet in ganz Jerez ein umfangreiches Rahmenprogramm viel Anklang bei allen Besuchern : es gibt zahlreiche Ausstellungen,Veranstaltungen und nationale und internationale Wettbewerbe in Klassischer Dressur, Hirten- und Westerndressur, RAID, Polo,Kutschen- und Fahrwettbewerbe. Darüber hinaus veranstalten die Königliche Spanische Hofreitschule und die Yeguada de la Cartuja- das Hauptgestüt der Andalusischen Pferde-Rasse Cartujano,spezielle Gala-Veranstaltungen. Ein fester Bestandteil direkt neben dem Feria-Gelände ist die EQUISUR – eine renommierte Messe rund ums Pferd, mit Stuten- und Fohlenschauen,Verkaufspferden, Hengstparaden uvm. Für die Freunde der Stierzucht und des Stierkampfes- Corrida de Toros- ist ebenfalls gesort. Dort finden verschiedene corridas mit Stieren renommierter Züchter und hochrangigen Matadoren in der Jerezaner Plaza de Toros statt.

23. Mai - Tag der Bruderschaft El Rocío

Salida de la Hdad del Rocio

Every year a multitude gathers in Alameda Cristina to see off, midst song and applause, the pilgrims who, alongside the carriage bearing the Simpecado, set off upon a trail of devotion which will lead them to the village of the Rocio.
Amongst the myriad of emotions to be experienced once there we highlight the moment when the Jerez Brotherhood is presented before the image of the Virgin, a moment which is always a memorable one given the spectacular number of horses and riders which precede the carriage carrying the Simpecado, also the night-time Sunday Rosary, memorable due to the thousands of people who participate in the same, and above all the moment when the image of the Virgin is carried past the house of the Brotherhood, where it is greeted with overwhelming fervour and enthusiasm.

The Rocio Brotherhood of Jerez was founded on April 17th, 1932 in the Bodega La Constancia, making its first pilgrimage to the Almonte village of the Rocio in 1933. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of its 75-year history is that of the inauguration of its own house in the village on May 16th, 1970, when Alvaro Domecq Romero held the office of Hermano Mayor.

In the spring of 2012 Jerez will host the eighth International Noble Wines Exhibition, the only one in the world devoted exclusively to fortified, dessert and special sweet wines. Yet again Vinoble will be held in the grounds of the Arab Alcázar, Jerez's most important and oldest monument, a construction of Almohad origin which was built in the 12th century. An almost magical combination between continent and content is thus created, in such a way that the senses and emotions of all wine lovers are expanded at Vinoble.

TERMIN VERSCHOBEN - Vinoble .VIII Salón Internacional de los Vinos Nobles

8. September - Fiesta de la Bulería

Fiesta de la Bulería
Von 11. bis 16. September- Erntefestival.

Von 8. bis 16. September- Erntefestival.

During fifteen days in September, coinciding with the Grape Harvest which is traditionally the most significant time of year in Jerez, the city pays tribute to what are perhaps its most characteristic features, those which have afforded it international renown: Sherry, Horses and Flamenco. These are the three main pillars which are reflected in each and every one of the events which make up this festive cycle: the Pressing of the Grapes, Flamenco performances in the historical setting of the city, visits to sherry bodegas, the Autumn Parade, Tapas competition, etc..

Von 9. bis 11. November - Día Europeo del Enoturismo

Día Europeo del Enoturismo
Vom 23. November bis 31. Dezember - Weihnachten in Jerez


Unlike any other form of Christmas celebration, the festive season is yet another motive for Jerez to pay homage to its unique cultural roots. From the excellence of the nativity scenes installed around the city by local craftsmen, to the Zambomba flamenco gatherings, Jerez bestows a special flavour upon the Christmas festivities as they are celebrated here. The decorative Christmas illuminations in the streets and squares, the Christmas Carol competition, Christmas street market and the Christmas Parade are the most important events on the programme.




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