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Carthusian Monastery of Santa María Defensión

Monumentos religiosos

The Carthusian Monastery in Jerez is one of the most important monuments in the province of Cádiz and all Andalusia, declared a National Monument in 1856. Founded in 1453 the site chosen for its construction was a piece of land known as “El Sotillo” where a small shrine already stood. The site of the shrine was marked by a large stone cross that can be still seen in the gardens at the entrance to the Monastery.

In 1476 the first friars arrived from the Carthusian monastery in Seville and began to farm, but their most outstanding labour was the breeding of Carthusian Horses.

There is a cloister at the centre of the Monastery, placed around which we find the Church, chapter hall, refectory, chapels and two cloisters. With the passage of time an additional cloister was added, that of the Friars.

The original style of the church and the monastery is that of decadent gothic. The current façade and exterior crenellations of the church date back to the 17th century. The exterior of the entrance to the monastery, renaissance in style, was built by Andrés de Ribera. Outstanding features include the woodcarvings in the Choir and the current altarpiece where we find San Bruno, a work by José de Arce. The cloister was designed by Martinez Montañes.

The Friars abandoned the Monastery in 2002 and the Sisters of Bethlehem have lived there since.

Carretera Jerez - Algeciras, km.5

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