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International Flamenco Day


Flamenco was designated of World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO on 16 November 2010, and since then this date has become established as International Flamenco Day. Every year Jerez celebrates the date, being one of the cities recognised as the true birthplace of flamenco.

Flamenco is an artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment; respectively denominated Flamenco song, dance and “toque”. Flamenco expresses a whole range of emotions that range from sadness to joy.

Flamenco has now become international, a shared art, and the alegrías, fandangos, seguiriyas, soleás and the bulerías take over Jerez in the month of November, as they do on so many other occasions throughout the year.

No celebration in Jerez ends without bulerias, the flamenco style of song and dance that originates from Jerez and converts the ambience of any event into one of noisy, boisterous enjoyment.

On the occasion of International Flamenco Day Jerez offers an extensive programme of events rich in nuances and full of surprises, all related to flamenco.


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