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Estrellas Michelín

Mantúa presents a style of cuisine based on tradition and a passion for quality produce. An honest, flavour-filled gastronomic experience, free and open to the world, where creativity, senses and emotions are all unleashed.

A passionate and singular gastronomic experience. Experience, knowledge, tradition and innovation, a firm commitment for a product-based cuisine accompanied by sherry wines from the Jerez region.

Restaurant Mantúa by Israel Ramos has been awarded a prestigious Michelin Star.

Quality and exquisite service are the two supporting pillars of Mantúa, producing an elegantly innovative style of cuisine, faithful reflection of its Chef Israel Ramos and his team. A commitment to local produce and the tradition of flavour, promoting the uniqueness of sherry wines from the Jerez Region and their value both in the kitchen and on the dining table.

His creations seek to trace a path through the traditions of the region, from the coast to the sierra.