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Cristina’s Boulevard

The origins of Cristina’s boulevard were the wilds known as Llano de San Sebastian, a public space just outside the walled city. Its present name is due to Queen Maria Cristina, regent between 1833 and 1840 while her daughter Elizabeth II was a minor.

Since the end of 1700, Jerez had this wooded promenade in the most important exit of the city, the road to The Court, opposite to one of the main gates of the wall, that of Seville. In 1832 renovations and improvements were undertaken and paid for by the winemakers.

Its present structure, with a central promenade, dates from the last century. Banana and orange trees, privets, white acacias, date-palms and others grew in its sidewalks in former times, as evidenced by photo archives.

Four sculptures used to represent the four seasons, two in the main entrance and two in the exit, but over time they were taken to González Hontoria’s Park.

At present, the central promenade has on its perimeter sophora trees, interspersed with date palms and Washingtonians.