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La Plata Park was opened in 1995 and has become a very beautiful green area.

Its physiognomy allows the realization of a wide range of activities ranging from the quite wander around the paths surrounded by vegetation, to leisure activities and sports. It has an area of 19,233.67 m2.

The design is eclectic, romantic style with a small forest, where the presence of a large central pond stands out  with three water slides that flow together on jets.

At its back, a small hillock has been established on which an Aleppo Pine grove grows.

This pond has been formed as the main axis of the whole enclosure structure, being delimited

by pipeclay paths. These paths delimit the various plots throughout the park with predominance

of lawns where trees and bushes grow isolated or in small groups. They form a contrast with other areas with abundant and tall trees.

In order to create a small forest, groups of trees belonging to the same specimens and transplanted from the Montes de Propios have been formed. Among these specimens, a set of Cork Oak, next to the school called P. Isabel La Catolica and a diverse group of oaks stand out, as well as a varied group of Oleaster or Barberry, filling the opposite end of the enclosure.

Alongside these patches we find groups of Kurrajong, Rosewood or Paper Mulberry trees and a large group of Washingtonia palms and Aleppo pines occupying the lawn adjacent to the central pond.