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The Old Poplar Grove

The now known as Alameda Vieja is one of the oldest and emblematic garden squares in Jerez. It was known as the Llanos del Alcázar because it was close to the ancient Almohad citadel. This localization, immediate to a military building, prevented from constructing other buildings in this space, so that in the late eighteenth century, it continued to be a waste space in the city center.

The first remodeling of the promenade next to the Alcazar, the current Alameda Vieja, was made in the late eighteenth, in the charge of the chief magistrate Mr. José de Eguiluz. These gardens can be classified as one of the first green áreas in the city.

It was known as the Alcazar and Alameda in 1852, taking the name of Fortun de Torres in 1903, in memory of the lieutenant and the governor Mr. Garci Gomez Camillo and Mr. Fortun de Torres, distinguished soldiers in the defense of the city.

While we can say that in the mid-eighteenth century the mall had already a similar layout, low garden and high ride, its current spatial configuration was fruit of major reform undertaken in 1931 by the architect Jose Esteve. In fact, some of its decorative elements remain until today, as the cast iron bandstand, and banks and lampposts are a faithful imitation of the models incorporated in that period it still retains many of the original trees.

The main walk is marked by two rows of jacaranda that reach a kiosk of later construction. In the esplanade in front of the entrance to the Alcazar now stand, in addition to bitter orange, the old specimens of palms, acacias, a cypress, and a large Himalayan cedar.

Finally, there is a garden located at a lower level, in front of the González Byass Winecellar. Huge specimens of jacaranda, aleppo pine, Canary Island date palm and rubber fig.