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The Zoobotanic –Tempul Gardens

Its origin is closely related to the engineering that allowed the wáter brought into the city from the spring of Tempul in 1869.

The stock of water enabled the embellishment of the surroundings of the large tanks installed in that place, by the planting of trees and landscaping of the environment on this occasion.

At present, a park with numerous worthy specimens for its size, as Stone pine, Deodar cedar, Norfolk Island Pine and London Plane trees still remain from the original garden. Other specimens stand out for the rarity of the specimen, as Sictus tree, “Viñátigo” (Persea indica), Goldenrain tree or Sugarberry very rare in European gardens.  The set of palms of the garden also stand out, because of its number and age, being the most abundant the Mexican fan palms.

We have inherited a grove from that original garden consisting of almost 1,000 specimens, and many young trees belonging to specimens that were not represented in the park have been added in recent years, with the intention of expanding its botanical collection.

At present over 400 different plants are grown in the Zoo of Jerez.