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Laguna de las Canteras y El Tejón

Espacios Naturales

The Laguna de las Canteras y el Tejón is located within the municipal boundaries of Jerez, with direct access from the 91 km exit off the SUR AP-4 Cádiz-Seville motorway.

The Nature Reserve of Lagunas de las Canteras y el Tejón is situated to the north-west of the Bay of Cádiz, its supply of water comes principally from rainfall, hence its seasonal nature, and it may dry up during the summer months.

Vegetation is typically that of marshlands: reeds, tamarisk, bulrush, purple nut-grass and reeds whilst in the more distant surroundings predominate the crops of non-irrigated land, interspersed with areas of Mediterranean vegetation and eucalyptus.

Characteristic is the aquatic vegetation that colonizes its waters during certain times of the year, along with the algae that develop there. The most outstanding feature of the nature reserve is its extensive variety of birdlife, given that it lies on one of the main migratory routes, with many species hibernating and nesting there. Worthy of special mention are the white-headed duck, common moorhen, coot and snipe.

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