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How to get here and get aroud

Jerez is both an accessible and perfectly well-connected city, making it easy for visitors to travel to and from Jerez. The city has a well-maintained modern road network, a reference airport with flights to domestic and international cities and a railway station that also connects the destination with major Spanish cities. In addition, its proximity to the port of Cádiz provides the city with another entrance by sea.

Jerez is the perfect size to allow for a variety city walking routes allowing you to enjoy its architectural heritage, especially in the historic centre, where the best option is to stroll around its narrow streets and squares to discover all the hidden corners of the city.

Jerez is a city that also has a modern public transport system that integrates an innovative fleet of buses and taxis, with numerous stops located throughout the city and which facilitate longer trajectories.

Jerez enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year, perhaps the best guarantee to enjoy your stay in a city with mild, warm climate, with humid rainy winters, typical of a land bathed by Atlantic breezes and strongly influenced by its proximity to the ocean.

The pleasant temperatures of the city range between 18 and 34 degrees centigrade in summer but also guarantee tourist and leisure activities at other any time of the year too.