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Laguna de Medina

Espacios Naturales

The Laguna de Medina is located within the municipal boundaries of Jerez, beside the Jerez-Los Barrios dual carriageway and close to the rural neighbourhoods of Las Pachecas, La Ina and Rajamancera

It is the largest lagoon in the province of Cádiz and the second largest in Andalusia, with most of its waters originating from the Arroyo Fuente Bermejo, constituting an internationally renowned space for the observation of aquatic birdlife.

Vegetation surrounding the lagoon consists of olive and mastic trees in addition to other species such as kermes oak and fan palm.

It has a major role to play as a centre for wintering, reproduction and migratory rest for many aquatic birds, especially important as a post-reproductive refuge for birds born in nearby marshlands, such as the Doñana National Park. It provides a privileged habitat for birds in danger of extinction. It is easy to find other frequent visitors during different times of the year: teal, goose, tufted duck and red duck, amongst others.

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