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Tabanco Plateros


Tabanco Plateros forms part of the Ruta de los Tabancos de Jerez, a place for encounters, social gatherings and experiences. Located in one of the main commercial streets of the historic city centre, Calle Algarve, a beautiful pedestrian thoroughfare that ends in Plaz de La Yerba and Calle Consistorio where the city’s Town Hall stands.

The ideal opportunity to taste a wide variety of sherries either bottled or served straight from the cask, or to purchase sherry in bulk. A gastronomic experience that offers us the chance to taste cheeses and cold meats from the province of Cádiz paired with sherry or Tierra de Cádiz wines.

A wide selection of traditional local tapas, such as chicharrones, payoyo cheese, black pudding, chorizo and others accompanied by local wines. A veritable gastronomic experience.

Calle Algarve, 35

+34 956 104 458

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