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Yeguada La Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado


The main Cartujano horse breeder in the world, whose objective is to preserve the genetic flow that it safeguards and contribute to the improvement of the pure bred Spanish horse and the Cartujano in particular.

Ever since its foundation towards the end of the 15th century, the Carthusian Monastery has been the cornerstone of the breeding of the Jerezano horse. Over the centuries, the Carthusian friars formed a stud farm that in time would become the most famous and highly appreciated in the world

The Yeguada de la Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado is the most important reserve of Cartujano horses in the world, with over 200 horses raised in freedom.

Yeguada La Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado

Ctra. Medina - El Portal Km. 6,5

(+34) 956 162 809

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