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Yeguada Militar

Fincas, yeguadas y centros

The Military Centre for Horse Breeding in Jerez forms part of the Yeguada Militar, located in the Vicos and Garrapilos cortijos.

The Military Centre for Horse Breeding in Jerez, formed by the fusion of the Depósito de Sementales and the Yeguada Militar and located in the Vicos and Garrapilos cortijos, breeds and provides pure-bred horses for the Armed Forces and State Security Services to enable them to perform their duties. It also makes its stallions available to all horse-breeders, thus giving them easy access to quality horses to cross with their mares.

There has been a contued presence of the service here in the city since 1876 when the Horse Breeding Service sent the first horses to the Depósito de Sementales in Jerez. In the past 40 years the Carthusian Monastery, Deposito de Sementales and the Vicos and Garrapilos cortijos have proved to be the origin of what today constitutes the base of the Pure-bred Spanish and Pure-bred Arab horse in Spain.

Cortijo de Vicos organizes unique equestrian evens such as the Acoso y Derribo competition held during the Jerez Horse Fair.

Yeguada Militar · Cortijo de Vicos y Garrapilos

Cortijo de Vicos

Autovía A-382 km. 11

(+34) 856 817 047


Cortijo de Garrapilos

Calle José Antonio s/n

La Barca de la Florida

(+34) 956 163 582

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