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Fiestas de la Vendimia

From 1ST to 30th september 2023


Jerez celebrates the new wine of the year; a festival of International Tourist Interest.

Jerez celebrates one of its most representative and singular festivals on the occasion of birth of the new wine of the year, the Grape Harvest Festival, declared of International Tourist Interest, including numerous activities and events directly related to the winegrowing culture of the Jerez region.

The Grape Harvest Festival presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy the city of Jerez and the culture of its wines, its main identifying features and the attractions that make these lands so unique.

Activities such as the Treading of the Grapes, Masterclass tastings, From Glass to Glass, commented tastings, venencia serving competitions, concerts and exhibitions all go to make up a programme of activities that introduce us to a series of cultural traits that captivate all those who come across them.

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