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Bodegas Cayetano del Pino

Bodegas y viñedos

Founded 1886 by Cayetano del Pino and known in its commencements as an innovative company given that it experimented with new products. The company knew the golden age of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century during which time, in addition to a variety of products and patents, they were known in half the world from Asia to America.

The winery managed to have over 600 different labels and participated with its brands in the exhibitions in Chicago 1893, Philippines 1895, Alexandria 1901 and Vienna 1902, where they achieved awards and recognition.

With over 133 years of experience, the Cayetano del Pino winery produces Amontillado and Palo Cortado sherry of the finest quality, fruit of craft ageing and production in the best of sherry making tradition.

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