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Bodegas Miguel Domecq

Bodegas y viñedos

Bodegas Lustau has over 120 years of experience, passion and dedication and that is reflected in the character and personality of its products. It was founded in 1896 as a wholesale winery, ageing its wines on site in the vineyard house.

Bodegas Lustau is cathedral-like in its construction with its high ceilings, thick walls, huge windows and spotless albero earthen floors that maintain a stable temperature and humidity to favour the special micro-climate that sherries require.

Great fortified wines are stored here and it is the Jerez winery that has been awarded the largest number of international prizes for its wines.

Cortijo de Torrecera

Ctra. Jerez-La Ina, km 14.5 Torrecera

(+34) 856 030 073 | (+34) 682 539 197


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