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Centre for the Promotion of Wine Tourism in the Jerez Region

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The Wine Tourism Centre of the Jerez Region provides the gateway to and a presentation of the winemaking culture of the region.

Located in the same building as the Regulating Council of the Wines and Brandies of Jerez and the offices of the Association of the Wine and Brandy Routes of Jerez, in the main avenue of the city and with easy access, it is established as a visitor centre for wine tourists in the Jerez Region.

A refurbishment of the building occupied by the Casa del Vino has permitted the creation of a multipurpose space with a reception area to welcome visitors and provide them with information. Another area has been adapted as a shop that offers promotional material, publications and tasting kits, amongst other products, and a tasting room dedicated to different educational initiatives and informative sessions related to oenology.

Wine tourism goes beyond visiting places, buildings and their inhabitants: it also means immersing ourselves in a world of sensations, aromas and tastes that allow us to discover the culture, traditions and customs of a winemaking region.

Consejo Regulador de Los Vinos y Brandies de Jerez

Avd. Alcalde Álvaro Domecq, 2

(+34) 956 332 050

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