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Depósito de Sementales


The Depósito de Sementales is located next to the González Hontoria park, originally the central offices of the Royal Jockey Club, an equestrian society founded in 1868.

The Depósito de Sementales has left its mark on many activites and has become an emblem of the city.

Unique facilities that are linked to the image and history of the city, with its small palace and the covered pavilion built in1905 by the architect Francisco Hernández Rubio with clear anglo-french influences.

The Depósito de Sementales acts as the venue for multiple equestrian events throughout the year and during the Horse Fair it becomes the cenre of attention by hosting competitions and exhibitions such as the Driving Exhibition, Doma Vaquera Dressage and the presentation of the Golden Horse Award, amongst others.

Paseo de Sementales · Frente Parque González Hontoria

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