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Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre

Clínicas Hípicas

Founded in 1973, the Royal Andalusian School of the Equestrian Art Foundation has developed multiple and varied attributes such as the training of horsemen and equestrian technicians, the selection of purebred Spanish horses for the reproduction and permanence of the species, the preservation, research and promotion of the equestrian art by means of its museums and sporting competitions, amongst others.

Its traditional exhibition “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” is the main asset of the Foundation. The Equestrian Art and Carriage Museums, the saddlery, tack room, stables, clinic, covered exercise ring and other training areas, the botanical garden and the Duque de Abrantes Palace, amongst others, make up facilities that allow us to comprehend the essence of the equestrian art, its understanding, study and promotion.

The Royal School has excellent facilities for the organization of all types of acts and events: meetings, congresses, conferences, product presentations, celebrations, official acts, etc. All equipped with the most advanced technology and accessible to all types of public.

Avd. Duque de Abrantes

(+34) 956 318 008

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