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Honey and Bee Museum

Centros de visitas

The Rancho Cortesano Honey and Bee Museum is a wonderful place to visit, with the family, individually or with friends. It familiarizes us with the story of honey throughout history, the evolution of beekeeping, products from the beehive and the bee, with information regarding the interesting world of bees and the important role they have to play in nature

Guided visits are available in four different languages: Spanish, English, French and German. Follow an educational tour of the facilities and see a display of beekeeping equipment and tools before visiting the beehives. It also provides magnificent explanations, presentations and workshops. It has a shop and ecological restaurant. A visit to this museum is both different and instructive.

Ctra. de Cortes - Cuartillo. Desviación Ctra. El Torno,

Km, 2

(+34) 956 237 528

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