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Laguna de los Tollos

Espacios Naturales

Ninety percent of the Laguna de los Tollos lies within the municipal boundaries of Jerez and the remaining area in the municipal area of El Cuervo, province of Seville.

In terms of extension the Laguna de los Tollos is the second largest lagoon in the province of Cádiz, although its original surface has been reduced and modified over the years by mining activity in the area. It is of great ecological interest due to the elevated variety of species it contains, despite the general shallowness of its waters and high levels of salinity that increase during periods of desiccation

Vegetation growing around the lagoon is formed by dry-land herbaceous plants, amongst which can be found examples of holm oak, asparagus scrub, buckthorn, kermes oak and fan palm. The vegetation of the marshland is formed by tamarisks that are present almost all around the lagoon’s perimeter and an extensive meadow of grass.

It is a location of great importance for birdlife; it provides a wintering area, stopping off point and reproduction area for migratory birds, registering a peak of abundance during the winter months and with two maximum periods in spring and autumn, periods during which up to 44 different species of bird have been observed.

Worthy of special mention is its importance for flamingos as a resting place on their way to feed and carry food. Also outstanding is its potential for the preservation of endangered species such as the marbled teal and the common coot, which have historically populated the lagoon, as well as the ruddy shelduck, white-headed duck, brown pochard and black tern.

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