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LÚ, Cocina y Alma

Restaurantes y Bares

A universe within our reach. French-Andalusian cuisine combining patience, tradition and the avant-garde.

In the Lú universe things are cooked slowly, with no hurry and with a passion for the best produce available.

A universe created by Chef JuanLu Fernández and when you enter be prepared for an experience that will interact with all your senses, be ready to inhale creativity and passion.

The One-Star Michelin Chef, JuanLu Fernández, began his career in craft patisserie and later worked his way through the kitchens of different great chefs in Spain, to later explore his passion for French cuisine and blend it with the most traditional from his homeland, Jerez.

A journey into the past to experience new flavours and textures, a memorable experience based upon the selection of the best produce which is then subjected to the creativity and dedication of Chef JuanLu Fernández and his team.

Calle Zaragoza, 2

(+34) 695 408 481

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