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Nativity Museum


Setting up a Belen (a nativity scene) at Christmas is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the city and many local craftsmen create veritable works of art. In 1976 the Asociación de Belenistas de Jerez was created and led to the recognition of a Jerez style of nativity scenes which is admired at both a national and international level

The museum consists of two multi-purpose spaces and an exhibition of dioramas illustrating generic scenes related to the Nativity. The Monumental Nativity occupies a space of 200m2  square metres. Also on display is a Neapolitan Nativity of 70m2.

The scenography has been created by members of the Asociación de Belenistas de Jerez and includes some important figures.

C/ Circo s/n

(+34) 671 417 082 • (+34) 671 417 079


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