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Sala Pescadería Vieja

Edificios singulares

The neo-classical Sala Pescadería Vieja (the Old Fish Market) was bult in 1799 by the architect José de Vargas. It owes its name to the fact that it used to be place where fish was sold. The original design was extended to include two additional spaces for the sale of meat and bread. The façade consists of a rounded archway flanked by paired Tuscan pilasters and finished off with decorative vases. Its interior is a rectangular space with three naves and seven square sections covered by a dome supported by pillars

La Sala Pescadería Vieja was refurbished in 1994 to be used as an exhibition area for contemporary artists.

The Sala Pescadería Vieja has an important role to play in the general context of art in Andalusia. Its characteristics make it suitable for hosting exhibitions of importance, featuring artists of great prestige within the avant-garde of the moment.

Calle Pozuelo s/n

(+34) 956 149 465


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