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Teatro Villamarta


The Villamarta, built in 1926, is a theatre designed in the regionalist Adaluz style by Teodoro Anasagasti. In 1988 it was declared a Building of Cultural Interest.

The Villamarta Theatre is dedicated to the promotion of the performing arts and musicals, to guaranteeing access to culture for all types of public. The artistic project of the Villamarta regularly programs quality performances in all the performing arts and classical musicals: theatre, classical and contemporary music, flamenco, dance, opera and zarzuela.

In addition to the corresponding programme of seasons and cycles, its own productions are of particular relevance, it host two events of international projection: the Festival de Jerez and the Centro Lírico del Sur.

The Festival de Jerez opens its doors each year to those who love flamenco. A time when artists and their public join to share their love of flamenco dance and Spanish dance. A space of learning that invites us to observe and participate in a unique and genuine experience.

Plaza Romero Martínez, s/n

(+34) 956 149 685 | (+34) 956 14 96 86 (Taquilla)

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