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The Gallo Azul


Located in the heart of the city, this building has become a characteristic icon of Jerez.

In order to commemorate the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition the Domecq family commissioned the architect Aníbal González to design a building that would adorn the junction between the two main streets, Larga and Santa María, as a gift to the city to welcome with a glass of sherry those visitors who came to visit from the Seville Exhibition

The building is circular, of classic and Neo-Mudéjar design, characteristics that make it an extremely unique building. The traditional brickwork of Aníbal can be seen on the façade, bringing to mind the style of the Plaza de España in Seville and also that of Jerez railway station, both by the same author.

The name El Gallo Azul (The Blue Rooster) originates from a painting by the local artist José Luis Torres, commissioned to decorate the building and which currently still presides over the bar counter.

Calle Larga, 2

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