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European Horse Day

Saturday 14th September 2024


Jerez, together with the cities of Golega, in Portugal, Pardubice, in the Czech Republic, Waregem, in Belgium and Wroclaw, in Poland, make up the European Network of Horse Cities, EuroEquus.

EuroEquus establishes European Horse Day during the second weekend of September with the aim of obtaining international promotion of equestrian tourism and favouring the homogenization of quality standards in the different European horse cities.

European Horse Day includes a series of events based on the promotion of equestrian territories , organized by each city in its own territory and promoted commonly to obtain greater impact in terms of image and promotion.

The culture and tradition of these territories are closely linked to the identity of the horse and for thousands of typical products that convert the horse into a symbol of quality of life and ambassador of a region, allowing the discovery of those equestrian tourist cities members of EuroEquus.

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