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The Horse Fair

From 6th to 13 th May 2023


The Horse Fair has been declared an event of International Tourist Interest and takes place in the Gónzalez Hontoria Park, just a few steps from the historic centre and the most outstanding attractions of the city.

The city takes on a very special air for a week each year, coming alive with bustle and activity as the Horse Fair offers the chance to enjoy sherry, flamenco, horses and a unique ambience that inundates the whole city.

Jerez is seen at its best as it displays all of its main cultural exponents: flamenco, horses and sherry.

The origins of the fair date back to a livestock market that developed over the years until it became a fair, with the Pure Bred Spanish Cartujano horse as its protagonist.

Amongst its many attractions the Horse Fair includes an exceptional horse parade, traditional carriage driving competition, Morphological Competition, classical and vaquera dressage competitions, acoso y derribo, the Golden Horse Trophy and select livestock exhibitions.

Information of interest that needs confirmation:

  • Inauguration: the first day of the Fair, at 10pm
  • Opening times: from 1pm to early morning
  • Horse and carriage parade: from the second day to the final day of the Fair, from 1pm to 7.30pm
  • Entrance to casetas is free but subject to capacity limitations
  • All casetas have bathroom facilities
  • The casetas are equipped with bars, music and live performances.
  • The Fun Fair attractions are open from 1pm to early morning. Check for details of reduced prices on “Children’s Day”.
  • Check for details of “Noise-free Day”
  • Check special bus timetables from the city centre to the Fair
  • Parking available in the surroundings of the Fair.
  • Activities:
    • Equestrian competitions: Carriage Driving Competitions, Doma Vaquera, Morphological Competition, Golden Horse Trophy, etc…

Consult www.jerez.es

  • Equestrian shows “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” at the Royal Andalusian School of the Equestrian Art.

Consult www.realescuela.org

  • Equestrian shows at the Yeguada La Cartuja Hierro del Bocado

Consult www.yeguadacartuja.com

  • Equestrian shows at “A Campo Abierto”.

Consult www.acampoabierto.com

  • Bull Fights and Rejoneo






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