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Flamenco all year round

From the very beginning of the year, a time when the Festival de Jerez opens up the city and its flamenco to the world, right until the end of December, when the true protagonists are the flamenco echoes of the traditional Villancicos of the region. The city fills with frenetic flamenco related activity the whole year round, with such exceptional events as the ‘Caló flamenco a la Fiesta de la Bulería’, part of a festive season that includes such typical flamenco events as Bohemian Nights, Flamenco Fridays and the Fiesta de la Bulería.

Yet there is no heritage more alive in a city like this than flamenco, one that marks the rhythm of its days as part of its daily life and of its people, ever-present in its streets and squares, in the mythical barrios of San Miguel and Santiago, in theatres, peñas, tablaos or in its tabancos, because Jerez is flamenco and flamenco is Jerez.

Tío Borrico, Don Antonio Chacón, Terremoto, Juan Moneo El Torta, La Paquera and Fernando de la Morena are but a few of the great names of flamenco and Jerez has travelled around the world with them and flamenco has written on the pages of its history. In the very heart of the historic city centre stands the Andalusian Flamenco Centre, without doubt an essential visit for those wishing to delve into an extensive knowledge base of this universal art.

Be assured that if you wish to discover, really understand and enjoy this complex Andalusian form of artistic expression, designated Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a visit to the city known as the  “birthplace of flamenco” is something not to be missed.

Consult everything related to flamenco, from attractive thematic centres, peñas, flamenco performances and craft shops, to some of the greatest flamenco events held in the city throughout the year.