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Jerez is world famous as the birthplace of the prestigious Carthusian horse breed, a link that dates back to the15th century. It is currently home to some of the most important breeders and stud farms in Spain, as well as a wide range of tourist resources and services, to discover the world of the horse and go horseback riding.

The city promotes enjoyment of the horse and offers unique exhibitions in institutions such as the Yeguada de La Cartuja-Hierro del Bocado, the most important stud farm in the world dedicated to breeding the Carthusian horse and where we can enjoy the sight of horses roaming free and exhibitions, and the Foundation Royal Andalusian School of the Equestrian Art, that offers its show “How the Andalusian Horses Dance”, an authentic equestrian ballet. Another visit could be to the Carriage Museum, that has an extensive collection of carriages and harnesses; and the Equestrian Art Museum, a multimedia interactive museum that invites us to discover the origins and the evolution of the equestrian art.

Equestrian clubs and riding centres arrange competitions, riding classes, horseback routes and activities for children with pony clubs.

Jerez form part of the Euroequus Network of European Horse Cities that has developed awareness and promotion to position itself on the international equestrian scene.

Jerez belongs to the European Network of Horse Cities EuroEquus, is the result of the project born, with a Europeanist vocation and with the intention of joining cities and regions with a long equestrian tradition.