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Central Library


Considered one of the oldest municipal libraries in Andalusia, the result of a project that commenced in the 18th century. The building itself dates back to the 19th century, work of the Jerez-born architect Francisco Hernández-Rubio and commissioned to house the Bank of Spain, which is how the square where it stands acquired the name Plaza del Banco (Bank Square).

It contains 106,000 volumes, of which a third may be considered old bibliographical collections. That is to say, books printed prior to 1930, such as the book Epigramas de Marcial, an incunabula, venetian in origin, dating from 1475, along with another eighteen post-incunables.

It also features an interesting collection of 18th century volumes, an age during which sherry production was flourishing. Its collections include other historical documents of great value and one of the largest audio-visual collections in Andalusia.

Plaza del Banco, 7-8

(+34) 956 149 970

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