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Bodegas Faustino González

Bodegas y viñedos

Bodegas Faustino González is a family-owned business dedicated to the craft production of sherry, using the most traditional of methods.

Founded in 1972 based on solera wines dating back to 1789, originating from the Alcázar de Jerez and transported to their winery in the Cruz Vieja where they continue to age to this day, over 250 years from their distant beginnings. We therefore find ourselves before one of the oldest relics of ancient solera lineage to be found in Jerez. This beautiful little winery is located in the historic flamenco quarter of San Miguel, in the very heart of Jerez

Calle Barja, 1

(+34) 622 646 363 | (+34) 616 530 423


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