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Palace of Time · La Atalaya Museums


The Time Palace is a small neo-classical Victorian mansion built in 1850 where a large collection of time pieces of the age are on display, a collection considered one of the best of its kind in Europe.

This unique collection consists of 287 clocks, most in perfect working order and of great value, dating from the 17th to the 19th century. Different English and French time pieces signed by great master clocksmiths such as: Berthoud, Losada, Frodsham, Lepaute, Leroy, Robin, Bennet, Raingo, Guydamour, to name a few.

This museum forms part of the Atalaya museum complex, surrounded by a garden flanked by trees planted over a hundred years ago and declared of Cultural Interest, catalogued as an Andalusian Historical Heritage site

The Multimedia Hall and the Don Jorge Hall are both unique spaces for the organization of all types of events such as conventions, training sessions and meetings.

Calle Cervantes, 3

(+34) 956 182 100


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