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Jerez with children

Jerez is an ideal city to visit if you are making plans for the whole family given its wide and varied choice of tourist attractions, all attractive and interesting to visit, to learn about and at the same time enjoy together with the youngest of the family.

A visit to the Palace of Time is to enjoy a museum collection of over 300 time pieces, authentic treasures in different styles and periods and where, on the hour, all strike the hour to provide a veritable concert of chimes along with holograms to surprise and delight the youngest of the family whilst transporting them to a world of illusions.

The Archaeological Museum is another space that showcases the history and cultural features of the city, paying special attention to children with a multitude of different activities. The Honey and Bee Museum at “Rancho Cortesano” provides direct contact with nature and a didactic, fun way to learn about bee-keeping and the fascinating world of bees, as well as introducing us to the ecological cultivation of a multitude of vegetables plants and herbs, their harvesting and use in the kitchen. Their restaurant “El Huerto” (the Kitchen Garden) offers a typical breakfast, exquisite gastronomic proposals and a singular afternoon tea of hot chocolate and honey fritters.

Visit the Alcázar fortress, the oldest building in the city, and be transported back to ancient times where it surprises us with its ramparts, towers and battlements, mosque, Arab baths, the spectacular Villavicencio Palace and Olive Press, both of a later period, gardens and open air spaces steeped in history and the singular Camera Obscura providing a 360 degree panoramic view of Jerez with real-time images in movement.

A special way to spend the day is to visit the Zoo and Botanical Gardens and discover the animal world, represented by over 200 different species, and spectacular botanical riches, ride on a mini-train ride and enjoy the snack bar and recreation area.


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