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Exquisite local cuisine thanks to fresh local produce, fruit of its geographic diversity, an excellent climate and a historic legacy left by the different cultures that have inhabited the area over the centuries, reflected in a cuisine diverse in tastes and aromas.

The fusion of wine and food is the ideal combination to enjoy one of the greatest and most outstanding pleasures the city has to offer.

There are so many possible combinations of sherry and local dishes and oenogastronomy, or the art of harmonizing the flavours of wine and food, invites us to discover a wide range of options to seduce all who try them.

The city offers a full catalogue of restaurants, bars and tabancos that make up a surprisingly delicious itinerary

Amongst the typical dishes of the city we find berza jerezana, kidneys in sherry, bull’s tail, pork scratching, cheeses or “ajo de viña”, favourite dish of grape pickers and served in the months of autumn and winter together with the new wine of the year, or tocino de cielo and a Pedro Ximenez sherry for dessert.