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Wine tourism

Wine has always had a key role to play in the history of Jerez. Jerez is the centre of the Jerez Region, a region that possesses testimonials to its thousand-year old history and conserves a rich historic-artistic heritage exemplified by the famous wineries of Jerez, often referred to by locals as “Cathedrals of Wine”

If there exists an ambassador par excellence of Jerez, then it is sherry. The history of the city is closely linked to the history of sherry and its production even dominated the urban layout, given that wineries occupied large spaces within the city.

The Jerez wineries invite visitors to discover the fascinating world of “soleras and criaderas”, the system used to produce sherry and one which is unique in the world. But Jerez also has wineries that produce red, white and rosé wines under the denomination Tierra de Cádiz, author wines that enjoy recognized prestige and join forces with sherry.

There are countless options available for those wishing to discover the culture of wine: from a visit to a vineyard to a tasting session whilst observing one of the most beautiful sunsets you can hope to find, participate in the labours of the vineyard, visit a winery, enjoy exquisite local cuisine together with sherry pairings, take a guided tour in off-road vehicles or taste sherry served direct from the cask in one of the city’s tabanco sherry bars. Welcome to Jerez, the city of wine.