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Iglesia de San Lucas

Monumentos religiosos

The church of San Lucas is to be found in the quarter of the same name, within the historic-artistic centre of Jerez. It is one of the parishes founded in the 13th century by King Alfonso X the Wise after the reconquest of the city in the year 1264. It was built upon the site of an old Islamic mosque in the gothic-mudéjar style.

The exterior maintains the marked Mudéjar appearance of the primitive style in which it was constructed. A baroque interior with an interesting Ánimas (Souls) altar attributed to Pedro Roldán. The main altar venerates the statue of the Virgen de Guadalupe, donated to the church by Alfonso X. The main altarpiece is baroque and the work of Francisco Camacho de Mendoza.

Plaza San Lucas, s/n

+34 956 338 470


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