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Iglesia de San Dionisio

Monumentos religiosos

This church owes its name to commemorate the fact that on October 9th, 1264, the Day of Saint Dionisio, the city of Jerez was reconquered by the Christian forces and thus Saint Dionisio became the patron saint of the city. It was built upon the site of an Islamic mosque in a gothic-mudéjar style, to be altered later in the 18th century with baroque transformations. It is located in one of the most beautiful squares of the city, Plaza de la Asunción.

Its layout is that of a basilica, divided into three naves by cruciform pillars adorned with large Almohad ribbons. Each of the naves ends in an apse, decorated with 18th century baroque altarpieces. Next to the church stands the Torre de la Atalaya watchtower


Plaza de la Asunción, s/n

(+34) 956 342 940


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