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Jerez Festival

From 23th February to 9th March 2024


The Festival de Jerez is an event where the most authentic facets of flamenco converge in time and place as the city beats to the rhythm, to the compás, of flamenco

Jerez extends an open invitation to the whole world to come and not only be surprised but also seduced by the art of flamenco, to experience a total immersion in the scene of Flamenco dance and Spanish dance styles during the Festival de Jerez.

To accompany the Festival de Jerez the city opens up its architectural heritage for several weeks during the months of February and March: its mansion houses, wineries, flamenco peñas and tablaos, tabanco sherry bars and the Villamarta Theatre in order to accommodate the general public, enthusiasts and lovers of the art of flamenco and of Jerez itself.

This is an experience that goes far beyond that of being a mere spectator, the audience plays an active role and participates in each of the performances, courses and other activities included in the festival programme

Each year the Festival de Jerez opens its doors to flamenco enthusiasts from near and far, from Jerez and from beyond. A space in which to discover and learn.