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The fusion of wine and food represents the ideal pairing to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures the city has to offer. There are so many possible combinations of sherry with local dishes that Enogastronomy or, in other words, the art of knowing how to make the connection between wine and food, invites us to discover the ideal pairing  for the most demanding palate.

From the internationally famous pairing of Iberian ham and fino sherry, the explosion of an Amontillado with cheese or an Oloroso accompanied by certain meats, there are so many possible connections that the enogastronomic universe of Jerez knows no bounds.

All you need to know is how to combine wines and food, or place yourself in the hands of an expert here in Jerez to suggest the best choice for each moment. For this reason the city has a wide selection of tapa bars and restaurants to round off your visit to Jerez.

Espacios enogastronómicos

Specialised Caterings