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Arenal Square

During the Muslim domination, this space - located outside one of the main gates of the walled enclosure- housed a cemetery and a small suburb. In addition, it was used as Musara, that is to say the space where troops gathered before departing for battle. Once the city was conquered, the suburb was razed, and when hostilities ceased, the space was filled with sand from the Guadalete River (hence its name) to host celebrations.

Although bullfights, autos, multitudinous masses and all kinds of competitions were celebrated in this space long before, it was stipulated that all games and public events should only be held in the Arenal Square from 1593. The “bull and reeds games” and those “with short stirrups” were exceptional and very popular as they involved the nobility and were a similar reproduction to the old medieval knightly tournaments.

Its function as Main Square, holding festivities, bull fights and events motivated the absence of plantations. In the nineteenth century, these shows changed their location favoring the inclusión of plants and banks. In 1869, on the occasion of the water supply and the construction of the Tempul’s water store, a fountain was placed in the centre of the square The most significant change was caused by the placing in 1929 of an Equestrian monument of Miguel Primo de Rivera -born in Jerez- sculpted by Mariano Benlliure. The square has come down to us with this same configuration. In 2004, the construction of the underground parking implied a new remodeling, preserving one of the most characteristic elements of this square, the pavement with washed stones making different drawings.

New plantations of ficus and date palms (Phoenix dactylifera), as well as elegant flower beds, adorn this historic meeting point in the centre of the city.