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Leisure and oenoturistic experiences

Jerez and its winemaking culture provide the chance to experience and comprehend from the knowledge of a history accumulated over 3,000 years, the culture of the sherry wines of Jerez.

In addition to winery visits, Jerez offers the possibility to discover our winemaking culture from many other aspects. The Atalaya Museums proposes a journey back in time with its spectacular collection of over 300 timepieces from the 17th to the 19th century, or horseback rides through vineyards ending with a picnic in the middle of the countryside, visit the vineyard at Rancho Cortesano, participate in the labours carried out throughout the year and taste their “hidromiel”, join a route through the vineyards in off-road vehicles ending with a glass of sherry and the amazing sunsets of the “region of light” with Rutasiete, visit the Yeguada de la Cartuja Hierro del Bocado stud farm, origin and safeguard of the Carthusian breed, or guided tours of our rich and extensive heritage with Enosherry, learn Spanish and immerse yourself in the culture of sherry with Tenidiomas, a culture that originates in the vineyard and that Winable presents with its catalogue of unique activities that combine emotions and sensations in exceptional spaces.